teaching the love of learning

becoming successful learners

Evergreen Academy Preschool is designed to give young children, from 6 weeks to 5 years of age, the experiences they need to become successful learners and contributing members of our community. We do this by respecting and acknowledging: 

  • The uniqueness of each child 
  • An emphasis on the whole child
  • An environment that provides both structured and unstructured play as the most appropriate way for young children to learn 
  • The importance of early intervention and positive role modeling 
  • Families as partners 

Our early childhood education program meets the specific needs of students in the following domains: communication, social, adaptive, motor, and cognitive skills. It is our philosophy that all children have a right to an enriching education. During the preschool day, children participate in a rich variety of activities in which they experience many opportunities for learning. Each day children participate in circle time, small and large group activities, independent playtime, story time and movement activities. The children in our program are encouraged to explore their world, ask questions and share their knowledge. A team of teachers, paraprofessionals, and therapeutic staff work together to support children’s learning experiences by providing a safe, caring, and structured learning environment so all children can reach their full potential.


Learning is critical to shaping your child’s life – and we are committed to owning that role completely.