Tuition and Billing Information

Nursery Fees: 

$1050.00 Full Time Tuition

Young Toddler Fees:

$1050.00 Full Time Tuition

Preschool Fees: 

$950.00 Full Time Tuition

Before & After School Fees:
For enrolled Preschool Students (and siblings):

$5.00 per hour for Before/After School

For School Age Students (without enrolled siblings):

$8.00 per hour for Before/After School

Daily Fees:

$70.00 per day

Full-time students attend 4-5 days per week. Half-time students attend 3 days per week. Students attending 1-2 days per week will by on Daily fees schedule.

Financial Assistance

We understand that at times, many families experience crisis and financial hardships. If you are unable to pay your fees, please call the Evergreen Academy Preschool office immediately to arrange a payment schedule.

Enrollment Criteria / Disenrollment

Children will need to be between the ages 6 weeks old to 5 years old (Special needs age requirement may differ). We will need the enrollment packet filled out to completion, a birth certificate, current immunization records and proof of residency on file at the site before the child can attend Preschool. If at any time you need to disenroll your child from the Preschool program we ask that you please either show up in person or give us a phone call so the proper paperwork can be filled out, signed, and filed.