our lovely team

Our staff is chosen for their caring and loving attitude towards children and may include people with disabilities. Staff are to greet children daily, role model compassion and respect, be actively engaged with children, and work together to create a nurturing and supportive environment. Classroom teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education, knowledgeable in child development, and are dedicated to providing a nurturing and educationally appropriate setting for all children, with ongoing training in Early Childhood Development, Health and Safety, and appropriate practices. 

Mrs. Susan

Preschool Director

Ms. Kristen

Saplings Teacher Age 0-1

Ms. Darla

Blue Spruce Teacher Age 3-5

Ms. Destiny

Juniper Teacher Age 1-2

Ms. Alexis

Cypress Teacher Age 2-3

Ms. Catherine

Cypress Co-Teacher Age 2-3


Staff will communicate with families in a variety of ways including direct contact, notes, phone calls, email, and newsletters. The Evergreen Academy Preschool has a bulletin board featuring information about the program, weekly lesson plans, and upcoming events. Staff may have information to share with you, so we discourage the use of cell phones when dropping off or picking up your child. Formal conferences will be scheduled for preschool-aged children each year, however additional conferences may be held at the request of parents and/or staff. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the Director if you have any questions or concerns.